EDERED History

The idea grow out of an initiative put forward by the Council of Europe in a seminar hosted by Sweden in Eskilstuna in 1979 under the title, “Children and Culture in Contemporary Europe”. Out of this seminar was born the Council of Europe’s Children’s Drama Encounter. And since then, Encounters have been held in different countries in Europe. The first Children’s Encounter however took place in 1982; the first Youth Encounter was held in 1987.

Ester Mischler: “A seminar of the Council of Europe – and what became out of it” (excerpt)

ENCOUNTERS 1979 – 2018

Year Place Type of encounter Theme
1979 Eskilstuna, Sweden Council of Europe Seminar “Children and Culture in Contemporary Europe”
1982 La Marlagne, Belgium Children  
1984 Neuchatel, Switzerland Children  
1986 Vordingborg, Denmark Children “Children and Everyday Life”
1987 Straford, Great Britain Youth  
1988 Vienna, Austria Children “Tower of Babel”
1989 Bonn, Germany Youth “Discover Another Country”
1990 Echternach, Luxembourg Children “Tribes – Bridges and Breaking Barriers”
1991 Dublin, Ireland Youth “Alivealive-O”
1992 Bekescsaba, Hungary Children “You see best with your heart”
1994 Valetta, Malta Children “The Sea—A Lifeline”
1995 Ankara, Turkey Youth “Sanata Evet / Yes to Art”
1996 Hannover, Germany Children “Nature, Technic and Children”
1997 Besancon, France Youth  
1998 Helsinki, Finland Children  “Time”
1999 Vienna, Austria Evaluation Congress “20 years’ evaluation”
2000 Jerusalem, Israel Youth “Communication”
2001 Viljandi, Estonia Children “Bridges”
2002 Budapest, Hungary Youth “Changes”
2003 Pazin, Croatia Children “Journey”
2004 Vienna, Austria Youth “Space”
2005 Cork, Ireland Children “Dreamtime”
2006 Lingen, Germany General Assembly Meeting
2007 Helsinki, Finland Alumni Seminar “EDERED Future”
2008 Paris, France General Assembly Meeting
2009 Zvenigorod, Russia Children “Play without limits”
2010 Lingen, Germany General Assembly Meeting
2011 Kasterlee, Belgium/Flanders Children “Kaleidoscope”
2012 Seferihisar, Turkey Children “Slowness”
2013 Ipswich, Great Britain Youth “Tribes”
2014 Brussel, Belgium General Assembly Meeting
2015 Rüdlingen, Switzerland  Youth “Eyes full of colours and secrets”
2016 Joachimsthal, Germany
Gryfino/Maszewo, Poland
Youth “Fluid Boundaries”
2017 Aalborg, Denmark Children “Tivoli”
2018 Toulouse, France Youth “Great Explorers”

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