This is the WebSite of EDERED, organisation which are promoting intercultural work through drama and theatre with children and youth in Europe.

The 12th EDERED Youth Encounter will take place between
 – 30th July 2017 in Aalborg, Denmark.

Approximately 60 youth between 15 and 18 years from 10 different nationalities going together on the largest theatre camp in Europe,
under the common theme


Organisator of the Encounter and host is DATS (Danish Amateur Theatre Association)



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1 month ago
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EDERED 2017 is on a gooood way!!!!!

2 months ago
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Greetings from the German Team 🙂

2 months ago

Ένα μεγάλο μπράβο απο τους Έλληνες σε όλους τους συμμετέχοντες!!!! Ήταν μια επιτυχημένη διοργάνωση!!! Θα σας ... See more

3 months ago

Well done to everyone, especially the Brits, who took part in this year's EDERED Encounter in Germany and Poland. Next year, Denmark.

3 months ago

Soon weekend. 5 days without you =(

3 months ago
EDERED 2016 Final performance

Here is a link to a video of the final performance that was taken on Saturday.

Here is the final performance from EDERED 2016 that took place in Poland.

3 months ago

Some impressions

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Some Previous Encounters

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